About Us

For the past five years, Ken-T Racing has been at the forefront of hosting 4 to 5 adrenaline-fueled drag racing events annually.


Ken-T Racing

Ken-T Racing “Drag Rivals Series” has evolved into a highly anticipated spectacle that racers and enthusiasts alike mark as a “MUST SEE!” Our journey began at Jamwest Speedway, Old Hope, Little London, with the first four years fueling excitement. The momentum, however, was temporarily paused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, prompting us to seek new horizons.

The Evolution

With strategic vision, we revived drag racing at the Vernamfield Aerodrome, a location revered by racers and fans alike. Vernamfield’s central accessibility and expansive grounds provided the ideal canvas for our high-speed dreams.

Unleashing the Thrills

Each Drag Rivals event isn’t just about racing – it’s a celebration of Jamaica’s rich culture and delectable cuisine. Safety and efficiency are paramount, underpinned by a robust security team, vigilant race marshals, wireless timing equipment, strategic layouts, ample parking, racer pit areas accessible to patrons, vending spaces, independent food courts, and safe spectator zones offering VIP views of the finish line.

Drag Rivals

Spanning three dynamic days from Friday to Sunday, our Drag Rivals Series invites drag racers, racing enthusiasts, and truck aficionados from across Jamaica to converge at Vernamfield Aerodrome for an adrenaline-charged experience like no other.