Tevar ‘GRIZZLY’ Anderson will break the FWD Record! – Part 2

Drag racers are on the penultimate lap of their preparation for D-DAY – OCTOBER 8, 2023 at ground zero for speed – Vernamfield, Aerodrome. Ken-T Racing has reshaped the drag racing landscape with the introduction of an event run over one weekend (3 days), climaxing on Sunday, which features eliminations and the hotly contested finals – drag racing ecstasy!

Race-day is a bustling atmosphere of colorful expressions, chatter and laughter piercing the Sahara-hot atmosphere, bottled water an omnipresent, necessary feature and the magnetic, beckoning aroma of jerked-chicken wafting everywhere. Eye candy is compulsory. Jamaican ladies recognize the occasion for what it is – they step out with innocuous intent, but, delightfully attractive. And apparently, at their Zoom meeting, they identify the best spots to congregate to extract maximum-distraction effect, with no regard for the males who, unfortunately for them, transported sand to the beach.

That is the sideshow. Social media is not a real place, but, it has real life consequences. The day will come when you are compelled to support the drivel you spout. The track will be that place which separates the marauder from the minnows. 

Drag Rivals 3 featured a plethora of muscle-bound machines. For each class, only one could escape the brawl, after exhibiting the sly demeanor of a wolf and the calculated brutality of special operatives. 


Fabion Thompson trampled his Street 16 opponents. Ricardo Rhule muted the competitors in Super Street 15. Wade Robotham narrowly escaped Dainia McIntyre’s wrath in Super Street 14. Kayso Taylor ruled Pro Street 13. Michael Frater is no stranger to speed – he conquered Pro Street 12. Did anyone bet on Demouy when he confronted Nick Manley? Candy from a baby? Demouy Spence reigned in Pro Modified 11. 


Vijay Bowla was surgical, insolent, no regard for older folk, the Kia-ATL Pro Mod 10 seconds class was his domain. The WEST INDIES PET 9 seconds class was a minefield. The class featured machines that can only be described as awe inspiring machines, machines that rev in the language spoken by the soul. 


Oniel ‘Likkle-T’ Henry accomplished the impossible  – he silenced Brian ‘Bebo’ Clough – not an easy feat. Mr Webb did not feature much in the class. The drag racer who did, will rev with the burden of a nation on his machine on Sunday, October 8, 2023.


There are names and there are names. The evidence of a stout machine may be garnered, at times, from the names involved in its existence. The local fraternity is fully aware of Lance’s tuning IQ. Velocity Racing’s ‘Gap Boss’ – Vaughn – is a known quantity and if you are not familiar with Kriss Boostworkz, this is a 9 seconds introduction. Another key member of the outfit is a tactician who boasts a PHD in slick-activity. He is responsible for track set up. ‘Grizzly’ will reveal his details at the appropriate time – MI6 settings! 

Grizzly’s K-series-EG machine resides in the 1000whp neighborhood while snorting mild boost –  38 psi. When I spoke to ‘Grizzly’, he was the human definition of nonchalant confidence. He indicated his best e.t to date – 9.27 seconds. He stated that he experienced a few challenges, especially crosswinds, close to the end of the 1320 at Vernamfield. 

Issues, which ultimately hampered the revelation of the full potential of the machine. He added that the machine is now equipped with a functioning parachute. which will assist the machine to deliver on its promise.

When asked about the FWD record and what his fans should expect on Sunday, there was no pause. Did he expect the questions? Was he asked before? Did he already identify team goals for the event? Did he visit St Mary?

Tevar ‘Grizzly’ Anderson stated, without stuttering, that his fans should expect – “An 8 seconds pass”. He did not stop there. Tevar ‘Grizzly’ Anderson not only suggested that he would break the record, he went two steps further. According to ‘Grizzly’ – “The record will remain in Jamaica for some time”. 

‘Grizzly’ with such bold pronouncements, our options are reduced to none! We – Jamaicans –  support you!

Do you think ‘Grizzly’ can break the record? Will he break the record?

Drag Rivals – October 6 – 8, 2023 – Vernamfield Aerodrome –  will provide answers!


Cecil Munroe.

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