Tevar ‘GRIZZLY’ Anderson will break the FWD Record! – Part 1


Lewis Hamilton’s fans are unique. Their unwavering loyalty to Sir Lewis is noble and worthy of ceaseless commendation. Lewis Hamilton has a massive problem though. A problem that he has yet to, in recent times, dissect and resolve in order to arrive at meaningful championship-pursuing success. 

Lewis’ demise and that of the other teams on the 2023 grid is a foregone conclusion. The thick, dominant, scorched lines laid by Verstappen’s machine, as he exits a pit-stop, is the blatant reminder that, in 2023, as it was in 2022, Red Bull resides in another dimension.


Drag racers spend their every waking moment wrestling with myriad algorithms to arrive at a formula which guarantees lower elapsed times with successive runs. In a sport where less is more, the quest is eternal. But, ever so often, a Samaritan appears. In, for example, Uncle Sam’s land, several manufacturers assist the dream chasers. 

Wrap your mind around this machine. The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is extraterrestrial! It must be. A street-legal machine which rolls, nonchalantly, off the assembly line, but, can creep gingerly to break the start-beam, then rip 0-60 passes in 1.66 seconds and continue – gas pedal smothered by the right foot – to slaughter the 1320 (1/4 mile) in 8.91 seconds! Yes. Extraterrestrial! Who advanced the theory that money cannot buy happiness? Misinformation!

Fortunately, a metal bird is not required for residents of Bob Marley’s place of birth to immerse themselves in the throbbing, vibrant atmosphere that the race for low e.ts. entails. Ken-T racing continues to serve that addiction, for which there is no rehabilitation.

Drag Rivals, the island’s premiere drag racing series, held at Vernamfield Aerodrome, is widely accepted as a must-be-there, mark-your-calendar and reorganize-your-schedule, event. We know this. With more than 200 racers on the entry list at each event, Drag Rivals out paces every other motorsport event. Ken-T Racing should bottle and sell the formula!


It was at one of these events that Mr. Charles Webb delivered a drop the mic moment. Mr. Webb, yes, I know you are not aware of who he is. Lol. Clarity. Mr. Charles Webb, aka 45 NYC has that – “Caan stand him!” –  personality. He excels at multiplying his detractors. He spews inaccurate rhetoric at times and a fact-checking device is required after he speaks. 

But, what cannot be denied and must be acknowledged is the fact that 45 NYC ignites a firestorm wherever he lands and in an uncanny turn his presence and his utterances trigger a furore which ultimately hurls 150 shot of nitrous into the local drag racing scene. Antigua is currently reeling from his impact. Incidentally, has anyone seen ‘Milk’ recently? No, not Betty. Eeh?

Mr. Webb was developing an unfavorable reputation on Jamaican soil. He would run his mouth, constantly – the fastest mouth in the west. But, his machine was not delivering on his pronouncements. His critics would shred his feeble credibility.

But, Mr. Webb existed, devoid of a ‘shame tree’. He had a plan. He did not quit. He spoke it into being and it manifested at Drag Rivals. It was a bury-your-head-in-the-sand moment for local drag racers. Mr. Charles Webb – 45 NYC – grabbed a moon tune, slithered to the start-line, engaged first gear and dismantled the 1320 with a record breaking pass. 

It was a blistering pass. Mayweather did well. The 9.194 seconds-pass erased and rewrote the fwd record. The truth is unbearable. Essentially, a non-resident, a visitor, a tourist, a talk-show host, is the fwd record holder. It is an untenable situation! Lol! Who will address the tragedy?

Tevar ‘Grizzly’ Anderson! Step forward!

Drag Rivals – October 6 – 8 2023, Vernamfield Aerodrome.

Cecil Munroe

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